In Search of Visual Content for Social Media


Social media is nothing without graphics. Visual appeal is very important for a blog, social media post, or meme. Wading through the Internet in search of royalty-free images just got a bit easier. I found a few graphics sites with the help of Jeff Haden’s Where to Find Free Stock Photos Online.    

In his article he shares a list of 29 sites compiled by Chelsea Blacker, head of client delivery at digital marketing agency BlueGlass UK. Among the sites listed, I was surprised to learn of Microsoft’s Bing image search. I was unaware that in the image search there was an option to search for images that are “Free to modify, share, and use commercially.” This has proved invaluable for me as coming up with images for this blog has been a challenge for me.

Another site that has been helpful is Death to the Stock Photo. You can subscribe to their service (it’s free) and they deliver stock photos for you to use commercially and royalty-free on a monthly basis or you can join their premium service which delivers much more for a fee.

Are you still not convinced that visual appeal is important to social media? Below is a video from Katie McKee of Elizabeth Christian Public Relations who speaks of the Importance of Visual Content in Social Media.



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